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LISTED: Top 18 Casino Documentaries Must WATCH

It supports HDR, and while it does only have a 60Hz refresh rate, its Wi-Fi 5 connectivity gets you online with enough bandwidth for streaming games and all your favorite shows. It supports multiple smart assistants, too, so you can be hands-free while you set it up and get to gaming. The Optoma UHD38 is a high-end projector with an affordable price tag, offering 4K and 1080p resolution gaming for PCs and consoles at high refresh rates, with a low input lag and impressive color depth.

  • Besides that, this documentary is agreat picture of gambling industry at the turn of the21st century and it also provides an insight into the historical development of gambling industry all over the world.
  • Theroux also engages casino employees to find out what it takes to keep gamblers motivated to continue taking risks while chasing jackpots.
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  • Casino owners, bookmakers, journalists, and gamblers are interviewed about some shocking and life-changing events in the gambling world.
  • With offering gamblers free suits to providing for their every need, Las Vegas Casinos manage to attract some of the richest people in the world.

Breaking Vegas – The Dominator, a documentary about Dom LoRiggio, a card counter, who became oneof the most successful figures of the 2000s in Las Vegas and the entire gambling industry. In the beginning, LoRiggio’s game of choice was Blackjack, however, he soon made a shift and he started to play crabs. China’s triads have been involved in the gambling industry in Macau for a long time and through those connections, high rollers are brought to Macau in order to gamble.

What are the best gambling documentaries?

The Motley Fool reaches millions of people every month through our premium investing solutions, free guidance and market analysis on, top-rated podcasts, and non-profit The Motley Fool Foundation. It also looks elegant with subtle curving around the edges, a sandblasted finish, and a tempered glass side panel so you can show off your internals. While our review unit didn’t include any RGB fans, the retail unit comes with a total of six RGB fans, along with RGB lighting for the Legion logo on the front and the GPU.

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There’s a wealth of insightful interviews from the oddsmakers, bookmakers, professional gamblers, sports journalists and many more. If you’re looking for a real in-depth look at the lives of professional gamblers, their motivations, and obsessions, then this has it all. Online casinos and sports betting sites are the dominant forces, but how much do you actually know about the industry? Generation Gamble was one of the most recent gambling documentaries to hit our screens and uncovered how gambling is opening up to digitally-savvy youngsters. This is an intriguing sports betting documentary that takes viewers into the lives of professional gamblers.

Throughout, “Gambling in Las Vegas” underscores the stark reality that gambling addiction can affect anyone. The documentary serves as a sharp and detailed examination of the world of casinos, shedding light on its darker dimensions and the potential for its alluring nature to lead to destructive consequences. These films throw a look into real-life experiences, including stories of addiction and challenges faced by different individuals. They offer a glimpse into both the negative and positive aspects of gambling, providing a balanced perspective on the topic. Additionally, the chart above shows Apple has the lowest P/E and price-to-free cash flow of any stock on this list, making it one of the cheapest high profile investment options in tech and gaming. The company offers a unique but lucrative way to invest in video games, so consider its stock this December. It benefits from a 4,000 lumens bulb, which gives it plenty of brightness for vibrant games in both SDR and HDR modes, and its bulb is rated to last 15,000 hours; that’s close to two years of 24/7 gaming.

The Gambling Mafia and International Sports Betting

He has bylines in digital publications including Digital Trends and PCGamer, and formerly ran his own PC hardware review website. The Forbes Vetted tech team is well-versed in all things digital, having written hundreds of articles in the category. A couple of staffers, including Dave Johnson, our deputy editor, have even authored a number of books on the subject. The tech vertical is overseen by Rebecca Isaacs, the consumer tech and electronics editor at Forbes Vetted.

Hundreds of bright gaming machines, huge stakes and poker, and the prospect of huge incomes often make players turn off their cool minds. Carefully selected music, extra bonuses, and free drinks are just some tricks gaming houses use to attract more customers. But remember that this is primarily entertainment, not a way to earn money, and limit the budget spent on slots and other games. This film features the most famous poker player, Daniel Negreanu, and tells the story of all his ups and downs. “KidPoker” shows all the complexities of the gambling industry and everyone involved.

“30 For 30: The Legend of Jimmy the Greek”

Casinos are not only huge stakes and fantastic wins; the protagonist is the best proof of it. One of the more recent gambling documentaries, Out of Luck, shows a startling look into how lotteries are some of the US’s biggest and most profitable gambling platforms. This documentary shows how the under-educated and poorest players become the most addicted. It’s these types of players who then generate the most profits for these seemingly harmless lottery games. The history of lotteries goes back a long way, with many political and economic factors entwined. It also asks the question of whether this type of gambling operation is an appropriate channel for governments to raise revenues.

Australians have a passion for gambling, with over $25 billion lost every year to poker machines found in local pubs and clubs. This is despite the nation having only a relatively small population – it’s still home to an incredible 20% of the world’s “pokies”. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Starting from a small city in the Mojave desert, Las Playzilla Casino Vegas became one of the biggest entertainment centers in the entire world in a very short period of time. The documentary focuses on his career and the accusation about him counting the cards and winning money in that way. This documentary is a story of a very troubled man who tried to find comfort in gambling. Stu Ungar died at the age of 45 as a result of adrug overdose and it was one of the shocking moments in the world of gambling ever.

It includes several interviews, as well as footage of gamblers, who share their personal stories of the world of sports betting and how it expanded over the years. The gambling documentary Out of Luck suggests that the biggest American “casinos” are the lotteries. The film explores how the poorest and least-educated Americans are affected by state-run lotteries, with 15% of lottery players contributing to 80% of lottery profits. He eventually purchased over a million dollars in lottery tickets at his store and ended up bankrupt. At one point, his entire career was hanging on a threat as the problems with gambling addiction continued to pile on. The English journalist has a particular knack for uncovering the deepest and darkest details of anything that he puts his mind to, so Gambling in Las Vegas is one documentary that hits hard. Theroux talks to various gamblers who call Las Vegas their home and one Doctor who managed to gamble away over $4 million, to the annoyance of her son and his lost inheritance.

Other Noteworthy Gambling Info

One of the biggest issues that gambling industry and casinos are facing is the issue of cheaters who are looking for ways to cheat their way to some big winnings. A documentary called Casio Wars is investigating this issue and how casinos are fighting against the cheaters. However, for many others, gambling has become serious problem and because of that experts have been talking about the gambling addiction for many years. Expect eye-opening tales from the casino, sports betting fans, and poker pros that have been there, done it, and either won or lost it all. Explore the ways our brains work against us when we’re looking to beat the odds – and how the gambling industry takes advantage of it.Feeling lucky?


The growing addiction rates are frustrating, and the industry is yet to cope with this challenge. Awareness of the possible consequences is the first step towards responsible gambling. Top professional sports bettors gather in Las Vegas during the Super Bowl weekend, the year’s most significant betting event. The professionals bet astutely based on observations and past wins, while novices and risk-takers bet hastily and often lose big. In an interview with Peter Robinson, Steve Wynn discusses his career and circumstances that led him to become the biggest casino developers in the world. This documentary is a different look at the history of Las Vegas as well as the history of thegambling industry in the United States. Focusing more on the role of the city in the lives of different kind of people, this documentary provides great insight into the essence of this city and how gambling industry has affected that essence.

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