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Funky Time by Evolution Gaming: A Potential Guide to Winning Big

The minimum bet is 0.1 euros, and the maximum bet depends on the online casino you choose. So grab your dancing gear and hit the dance floor of the 70’s. Mr. Funky will keep you company in dancing and bring you huge winnings. To run the slot on your mobile device, you have to go to the official website of any online casino, as a separate application for the game on your phone at Funky Time. Both of these will have you on the disco dance floor, though the VIP version is even bigger! Watch Mr Funky dance across the floor and reveal multipliers, ending only when he dances off the edge. Funky Time Live is available at all casinos with Evolution live dealer games.

  • For those players that like to win big on the features, the bonus strategy will be right up their street.
  • However, Evolution has made an easy, quick bet and automatic betting option available so you can quickly apply your choices to the wheel.
  • This bonus feature comes to an end as soon as the air machine sucks out four of the black balls.
  • Then, select the wheel segments you’d like to bet on from the simplified 17 options displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Besides, I’ll name the best Funky Time online casinos where you can enjoy live software and other casino games, including classic slots for all tastes. Many players believe that funky time is a fantastic addition to the world of online casino games. The 1970s disco theme, combined with innovative features, makes it a standout.

Where can I play Funky Time?

However, Funky Time is far more exciting than the roulette games you might experience at other live casinos. This is because random multipliers will be placed amongst the wheel during the spin. These can reach up to 50x your stake, giving you the chance to win big no matter what size stake you are betting.

While the games are similar, it’s difficult to choose between Funky Time and Crazy Time. Funky Time is volatile, like Crazy Time, but delivers more bonus rounds, which are also volatile. RTP-wise, the games are similar, so you’ll have a similar experience. There is no reason not to play both; they are both excellent. This bonus round also requires you to choose between three ladders. The ladders all have the same initial value, and as the game proceeds, your prize is determined by the drawing of balls from a bingo-style machine.

RNG is used in all the Bonus rounds but not to determine the result in the STAYIN’ ALIVE Bonus Round. The multipliers scattered across the Digiwheel are generated by the RNG and the choice of segments they land on. Remember to use a sensible betting strategy and to have fun while playing.

You will find two tables below with all the betting options and their frequency on the wheel. When you trigger this bonus game round, all players are whisked away to a different part of the studio. Sat behind a bar is a robot bartender who is about to serve up some special treats. Essentially, all qualifying players must pick one of the three glasses before the timer runs out. A glass is randomly chosen for those that do not make their decision in time. Funky Time is a money game with a simple premise but lots of complex bonus games and multipliers, meaning there is much more than meets the eye. The multiplier in your glass can get even bigger as the slot wheel spins behind the robot bartender.

Drawing inspiration from the disco era, Funky Time seamlessly blends nostalgia with modern gaming mechanics. As for how the game plays, the bonus rounds funky time live are very volatile, delivering many smaller wins with the occasional big win. The bonus rounds deliver multipliers on your entry bet as the prize.

But, how can you determine your chances of winning with each bet? We have the answer for you, simply consult our handy table. Another frequently asked question is the likelihood of triggering a bonus round. We have calculated the odds and found that with every spin, there is a chance of 18.75% for one of the bonuses to activate. The Bar Bonus is a frequent occurrence in Funky Time Live, taking up six spots on the wheel.

I also wasn’t prepared for how many non-bonus round wins there are, so while there are more segments, many results tended to be Number One or a Letter. Watch out for the multipliers on the Digwheel, as this is how the big wins are generated. The prizes are different – with more opportunities to win on the Funky Time wheel, thanks to the extra ten segments and how the segments are structured. The Bonus Rounds account for 18.75% of the segments on the wheel, giving an average chance of being hit every 5.33 Spins.


The number ‘1’ and the letters pay an instant win, while the names of the bonus rounds trigger the mini-games. You will then see Mr Funky move around on the dance floor to pick up multipliers for you, and it goes on indefinitely until he moves off the floor. Here’s one of the latest live shows from Evolution Gaming, the Meet the Funky Time live show released in 2023. Its disco vibes guarantee pure entertainment, while 4 mini-games give gamblers frequent and well-paying bonus rounds.

Funky Time Live

Then there’s the Disco Bonus, where you’ll join Mr. Funky on the dance floor to gather multiplier values. In the Stayin’ Alive Bonus, you can boost your winnings with a bingo-style game. And the coolest of them all is the VIP Disco Bonus, where you’ll hit the dance floor again, but this time, with multipliers that can reach a mind-blowing 1,500x. Evolution Gaming is back with yet another top-notch live casino game, complete with a lively live host, cutting-edge studio, and enthralling gameplay. Funky Time Live is the long-awaited sequel to the much-loved and much-heralded Crazy Time Live.

Playing And Betting Strategies To Win on Funky Time

These bonuses not only enhance the gameplay but also significantly boost the player’s winning potential. Evolution Gaming is infamous in the world for creating unique and fair casino cash games with great odds that will keep you coming back again and again. They combine casino games and live experiences for an online casino unlike anything else. Evolution has outdone themselves yet again with a better cash game than anything they have created before. You have probably seen Funky Time on your online casino’s menu. It is a casino game that transports you into a 70s disco experience with an engaging gambling element. Numbers and letters bets have a default payout while the bonus games have a separate payout system.

How can I improve my gameplay in the Funky Time live casino game?

You can track the previous results using the information displayed, which shows the result of the last spin, either the Number 1, a Letter or a Bonus Rund. The golden rule is only bet what you can afford to lose and only bet 5% of your bankroll in any one spin. All other parts of the game deliver within the 95% range, including the VIP Disco Bonus, with an acceptable 95.38%.

To summarize the above, we can say that Funky Time from the provider Evolution Gaming is an exciting slot machine in Live mode. Regardless of whether you have experience playing or not, the video slot will offer you incredible emotions from the game and the joy of big winnings. At the beginning of the round you select the bet size, which is displayed in the form of playing chips with values from 0.1 to 1000 euros. They are located at the bottom of the screen under the gaming table. Next, you have to choose cells segments of the wheel of Fortune. There are only 17 of them and they are located in the center, at the bottom of the screen. Funky Time is a live game by Evolution Gaming, which is a follow-up to the famous Crazy Time.

While gameplay isn’t available on our website, you can still observe the game as you enjoy the live experience while we wait for Funky Time live statistics. The mechanics in the VIP Disco bonus game is no different from the normal Disco bonus. There is also a wheel on top of the screen, which determines your movements on a wider dance floor. You will find yourself on the dance floor, which will be chaotically scattered multipliers. How you move determines the wheel at the top of the screen.

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